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Insulate your home. With Eco Surface Solutions

Eco Surface Solutions Ltd provides energy-saving spray cork finishes for walls and roofs. Save money on energy costs while reducing carbon footprint. Contact us today to transform your space into an energy-efficient oasis!
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Introducing Spray Cork from Eco Surface Solutions Ltd.

Our energy-saving spray cork finishes for walls and roofs are durable, stylish, and can help you save money on heating bills while reducing maintenance.

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Save Energy

Improves thermal insulation value of properties by 30%, leading to reduced heating costs.

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High Quality

No Upkeep Or Repainting, And With A 25-Year Warranty.

Eco Conscious

Natural cork is one of the most environmentally friendly resources available.

For Exterior Applications

Spray Cork is a durable, eco-friendly natural resource that requires no maintenance, repainting, and comes with a 25-year warranty.

For Interior Applications

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Natural cork is ideal for solving indoor mould issues because of its breathability and excellent thermal properties. 

For Conservatory Roofs

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Is your conservatory too hot or too cold to enjoy? Our solution doesn’t require a roof replacement and will turn it into a comfortable retreat.

Cracked Render Repair

Spray Cork is a thin, flexible, and durable coating that can be sprayed over your current render without the hassle and expense of removal.

Spray Rubber Coatings

This spray, derived from repurposed tyres, stands as a unique and sustainable solution for a range of applications, from roof repair to asbestos encapsulation.

Spray quartz coatings

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Made with the finest quality quartz particles, binders, and additives, this coating is hardwearing and a fraction of the cost of natural quartz.

Commercial Interiors

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Spray Cork from Eco Surface Solutions Ltd, provides a sustainable solution for commercial buildings in the UK, promoting a greener future.

Asbestos Encapsulation

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If you own a property with asbestos that is nearing the end of its lifespan, you can safely encapsulate it with SprayCork, a certified solution.

Industrial Roofs

Eco Surface Solutions Ltd Industrial Roof repair services

Spray cork is an excellent option if you’re looking for a sustainable, energy-efficient, and durable way to waterproof and insulate your industrial roof


No Upkeep Or Repainting, And With A 25-Year Warranty.

Spray Cork from Eco Surface Solutions Ltd, exterior wall coatings are made using a thin layer of spray-applied natural cork, one of the most incredible and environmentally friendly natural resources available. These coatings require no upkeep or repainting, and with a 25-year warranty, they offer excellent value for money.

We went from damp issues to a beautifully finished job with a 25-year guarantee. Really Happy

17th May 2023 Darrel and Sarah Awsome

The bay window area was freezing cold before the spray cork covering. We were impressed how that changed to a warm space. We also loved we could decorate over the surface ourselves. money saved!

10th May 2023 Elvis and Avanka Warm and Cosy

A 'solid' roof extension with insulation was out of my financial reach until I read about spray on cork. Genius stuff, and it works a treat!

25th May 2023 Anne and John A versatile extension for all year

Getting an office in the garden is brilliant until we realised it boiled in the summer and froze in the winter. Now its perfect and the colour really makes is look the business.

8th June 2023 Janet and Ian Happy Relief

We had a garden office done in spray cork and saw the energy saving, so we went for the whole house too. It looks like render and keeps the cold out at the same time. big fans

23rd October Janet and Ian Doing out bit for the planet

We are a Grade II listed multi-purpose event and conference venue, located in the heart of Westminster. To Meet environmental targets for energy saving we have selected a spray cork solution.

20th June 2023 Church House -ongoing Designation



Highly resistant to water and weather conditions.


Provides a stylish, modern, and consistent finish.


Made from natural and eco-friendly materials.

Money Saving

Improves thermal insulation value of properties by 30%, leading to reduced heating costs.

Perfect Finish

Sprayed on application ensures a uniform finish.

Colour Choice

Available in 28 different colours.


Calculate the cost of spray cork treatment for your home or commercial building with our online calculator.

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